Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Woolworths Never Ending SAGA.

So many words written about a stupid employee employed by a stupid company, who mistakenly thought she/he could save a lot of time by re-enacting job reservation in the name of the new apartheid.  The amount of mealy mouthed, sanctimonious, responsibility evading commentaries that have been made about this topic, would make a whore with the most advanced gag-reflex control, projectile vomit across a soccer pitch.

There are no shortage people who fondly believe themselves to be luminaries, such as Jacques Rousseau, and a whole gamut in between, to comedian (?)  John Vlismis who have all weighed in, on this, beating their little self-righteous chests, and bleating plaintively about the need to address the “injustices of the past” by wait for it, continuing to discriminate against people on the basis of race.  The most recent diatribe, and the reason for this substantially shorter piece on the subject, is none other than the MD of TBWA Hunt Lascaris, an advertising agency (really?) either pitching for, or recently lost the Woolworths business. 

The chorus which they all sing is nauseatingly familiar, it is not about addressing the injustices of the past, as they announce with such alacrity, it is beyond any doubt to prop up their decaying positions in the current rotten corporate and tertiary education hegemony, dominated as it is by unconcealed racists who dole out tenures and positions to those who best lick racist boots. This is the cacophonic chorus of in the interests of redress to keep the minority oppressed at the pleasure of the minority. A minority which to their chagrin and great personal revulsion, they unfortunately find themselves ,members of, if only they could change their own melanin levels and join in, in the unbridled condemnation of the pariahs, they so fervently wish they did not resemble in colouring and hair consistency, where applicable. 

This outpouring of verbal diarrhea in support of a practice which debases humans and reduces them to mere skin coloured objects of various shades to be pushed around an environment ruled by colour, is beyond reasonable human comprehension and is redolent of the actions of collaborators of Nazi Germany leading up to and during World War Two, who for a few favours, and be allowed to live a little longer would sell out their fellow humans.  History is littered with the bones of collaborators, who died at the hands of the oppressors while waiting to be favoured for their betrayal.  These are the Judas goats of history, the cowards of no moral convictions, and the abusers of human rights by omission and silence.

Not one person has stood up from their scrupulously guarded liberal bolt holes and said that human rights abuse cannot be tolerated, nor can human rights be selectively applied to one elite group of humans who happen to be more favoured than others on the basis of their skin colour. Not one person has taken a stand to say that, the injustices of the past can best be addressed by not perpetuating them into the future. Because as it stands we are as a people becoming more and more polarized  and enraged by those who would manipulate race for their own advantage, instead of  constructively uplifting people because not of their colour, but because of their humanity. The lack of cognitive processes in these sycophants, who are too eager to please the race Nazis of the day, makes them beneath contempt. 

If the worth of humans could not be measured by skin colour before 1994, leading up to the removal of the racist government of the day, what the hell makes it acceptable now, 18 years after democracy?

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