Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Centenary or Something..

To refer to South Africans as long suffering, would be the same as referring to elephants as heavy and smelly, both statements are true, but both are stating the obvious. As I’m not writing about elephants right now, I’ll restrict my observations and opinions to my fellow non-elephants, the long suffering South African.
I have a deep love and consideration for my fellow long suffering South Africans, who have waited patiently for freedom, economic upliftment and an honest government for well over 100 years. Except for one brief moment after 1994 when suddenly the sun shone on all the people of South Africa, and we felt that together we could accomplish anything, very little has changed for the people of our Nation.

The Duality of bogus Democracies.

Up until the end of apartheid, South Africans laboured under the impression that they had every say over their futures and obediently flocked to the polls to rubber stamp the apartheid regime’s get back into power card, in the belief they were doing the right thing by voting them back into power. How different would they have felt, if they had known, for instance; that every election was rigged by the incumbent racists of the time? Would they still have had such an unshakeable belief in the ‘leaders’ had they known the depth of the deception and deceit perpetrated on them to keep them compliant? The undisclosed amounts of taxpayers’ funds used to make shady arms dealers extremely rich, the millions upon millions evaporated as sanction busting, when in truth, most imports came in at inflated prices with kickbacks paid into Swiss bank accounts.

Of course under the historical minority rule, it was easy to suffocate the details of these massive frauds and to use the most basic of scare tactics to ensure continued secrecy, Rooi gevaar and Swart gevaar were terms calculated to cause the most ardent detractor and objector to cower in a corner and be thankful for his sip of brandy in the knowledge that it may well be his last.  The people cowered under sustained repressive conditions where the dictatorial tyrants of the day used every means at their disposal to quash resistance and to extend their reign of repression as long as possible.

Fast Forward to today, what has changed? 

The most ardent transformationists, will no doubt yell that transformation from a functioning society to a failed state has taken too long, and that the wealth of the past has not survived in sufficient quantity while being stolen in the present. Our society is dominated by criminals in suits, passing themselves off as the government. The very people they keep promising to help, the poor masses, are getting poorer at an alarming rate.  We share the dubious honour of being among the most unequal countries on the planet, as measured by the Gini Coefficient. This is not due to the masses being downtrodden by the rich, but by the rich kleptocrat classes becoming greedier and amassing more wealth at the cost of the poorer middle classes. The middle classes carry the brunt of the taxation which is siphoned off by the kleptocrats in the ruling party. The 70% of the nation are the very poor who live on less than One US Dollar a day, are kept pliant by social grants which keep them voting for the current kleptocrats. 

Education, the key to any Nations development and growth, is kept at farcical levels, producing vote cows, just educated enough to vote for the kleptocrats at every election. The kleptocrats, have become an army of professional blacks, admitted to by prominent writers and thought leaders, they only mission in life to keep the grand theft going for as long as possible. From the worlds most hailed constitution to the lowest form of racism in 17 short years, the labour and employment laws have been redrafted to embrace “fair discrimination” equating to smearing faeces on the face of justice. Where the bill of rights and the founding statement of the Liberation movement, specifically excluded racist bias, the amendments to the constitution make them law. Human rights it appears have no place in the kleptocracy of South Africa.

So what has changed in the last 100 years you ask?

Certainly not apartheid, it’s still going as strong as ever, it may have changed masters, but the dogma is still the same. The blue light brigades are however louder and far more aggressive, and they have scant regard for killing people on the road. Don’t forget to get out of the way of the kleptocrats.
The corruption has escalated to heights no one dared dream possible, no one talks about millions any more, when it comes to taxpayer funded extravagances, the buzzword is Billions comrades. Arrogance has escalated all out of proportion as well, comes with the ease of legislated corruption, no doubt. 

So, until money runs out like in Zimbabwe, Happy Birthday to the ANC…

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