Monday, August 29, 2011

Trampling Human rights while pretending to defend them.

Twitter is a great leveler of intellect and opinion. I recently had a run in with the person who uses the name @ChristineQunta to spread her (supposedly) brand of politically slanted homilies to all and sundry. Her posts (allegedly) are generally racist in tone, and normally promote the ruling Kleptocracy as well as attempt to belittle anyone who does not agree with her; So much for balance from someone who professes among other things to be a champion for human rights. How can one preach about human rights while at the same time openly confessing membership of a racist organization, The Black Lawyers association? 

Her history however reveals another story, it reveals a South African who abandoned her country, for another, when so many were being prosecuted for their political beliefs she was in Australia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, plotting no doubt her triumphant return to South Africa in 2003, when she was appointed simultaneously so it seems to both the Road Accident Fund and the Competition Tribunal.  Not long after that she was despite her track record with governance, appointed to the Board of the SABC, suffice to say that I think enough has been written about her contribution to the demise of that organization without belaboring the point further here. So that’s the background to this particular posting. Let me not digress, although with the wealth of publicly available material on the topic, it would really easy to write at least 100 000 words on the topic.

Ms. Qunta, to get back to the real reason for the post, and Ms. Qunta’s amazing double standards, because while she sees fit to post comments like this:
Which in all honesty, I have no problem with, as I am a staunch supporter of human rights and of the entrenched rights of individuals to choose for themselves the things which may affect their lives and futures.  Regrettably she descends to sarcasm and racial profiling at every opportunity, despite the comment being motivated by the death of journalists; she did not feel she had to hold back when she made this point: 
Clearly she has a vested interest in keeping racial hatred and tension alive, or she would not make this remark? This is at best a flippant callous comment, and at worst, racial profiling of the worst kind.  It cheapens and denigrates humans on the basis of not only their colour, but mocks their religious beliefs as well. Ms. Qunta, you are out of order.  

It would be possible to ignore the comments as an insensitive oversight, if she had not continued to post gems like:
Which prompted me to ask:
Because clearly her comments would have to include the recipients of the current slew of racially motivated privileges, bestowed mostly on themselves by the current regime. I saw as fundamentally wrong, espousing human rights and then restricting the exercise of those rights on racial criteria. It did not follow that human rights could be defended by abusing them.  Ms. Qunta on the other hand was openly dismissive, as the conversation was taking a turn she knew was indefensible, because it’s no secret that the current government and its amendments to legislation have defied all principles of equality and human rights. She did however have this to say:
Her statement clearly indicates she is far comfortable in profiting from neo-racism than debating human rights, understandable as debating human rights may well cause her to fall from grace when she has to accede to the fact that human rights are being trampled wholesale by her cronies in government on a daily basis. When she said: Who are the present ones, referring to my comment about the current recipients of racially biased benefits, I replied:
This appeared to be too much for Ms. Qunta who it appears had reached her intellectual threshold, the best she could manage; in order to skirt the issue was to suggest:
Sadly coupled with this little homily she desperately began to re-tweet my comments to attract some followers to her defense, those that did rally to her defense, were for the most part as sad as her. Her weakness and the intrinsic weakness of her arguments, is best summarized ion her own words. Bearing in mind that all of my comments are in the public domain, and robust as they may be, they are the verifiable truth. Am I angry? That is a good question, which for those close to me, can best be answered with another question; “Are you abusive of others and their human rights?”, because that makes me angry. That notwithstanding, her reply was:
Clearly being called to account for her views in the public domain constitutes anger, on the part of anyone who dares to tarnish her self-polished image. Most interestingly of course was the removal of tweets by her containing the more robust comments and links to two sites which she would rather forget, because they prove conclusively the extent of her hypocrisy, in deleting references to the United Nations declaration of Human rights, article two, and reference to the works of Paul Trewhela and Searchlight South Africa, a previously banned publication, dealing with gross human rights abuses in South Africa and Africa. Perhaps the truths contained in those two publications are too unpalatable for one as hypocritical as Ms. Qunta?

Or is it because she is a liar, and she is a racist who hides behind restorative justice, and uses it to justify her pathetic existence? It must be far less challenging to embrace racist dogma in order to profit from it, than to actually build something that has not been facilitated by racially slanted legislation. How quickly we forget that all (wo)men are created equal, and that equality transcends colour and faith as well as sexual orientation. In Ms. Qunta’s mind, having coloured ancestry makes her more equal than anyone, sadly this is not just restricted to Ms. Qunta as many other racist bigots share her view as well as can be seen from the vitriolic comments made them in support of her narrow biased views.

In effect, her stated views and beliefs with regard to mass discrimination on the basis of colour, would place her on the same platform as such previous proponents of this despicable practice such as Hendrik Verwoerd, the Neo Nazi Party and the Klu-Klax-Klan. The most glaring in-congruence of the comparison of course would be that the three parties mentioned did not and do not have the benefit of having the “most progressive and enlightened” constitution of any country on earth; but then they never coined the phrase “fair discrimination” either, did they?  

How blithely she can gloss over her complete lack of humanity in favour of racially motivated political diatribe, from which she is profiting handsomely no doubt. It must be handy, being paid to dispense her subtle and not so subtle poison in the public domain while she looks for new racially driven positions.  

On a positive note, however, I made the acquaintance of a an unassuming dedicated person who despite studying, has found the time to start a fund, The Fundisa Primary Fund, which supports an underprivileged school in Motherwell PE. Olwam Mnqwazi may your honorable efforts be rewarded with huge success, it was an honour to meet, and talk with you on Twitter.
Ms. Qunta, we’ll surely cross paths again, of that I have no doubt, and my hope is that you will be a better person when that happens.


  1. It's really sad.

    Whenever any of the people in government is asked a question they always play the anger or race card.

    How are we supposed to build our nation proudly if we can't even get the truth?

    That's all I want, the truth. Stop hiding behind the silly games. Enough is enough!

  2. The truth would expose people such as Qunta for what she really is, an opportunistic racist.