Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Witchcraft and modern politics in Limpopo Province

I have now re-read an article several times regarding the proliferation of witchcraft in Limpopo province. Every time I read it, I am overcome by the same feeling of incredulity, because I don’t know what I should find difficult to accept, the fact that in the third millennium of our existence, in a digital publication, supported by cutting edge technology, a story of this genre is being flighted, or the fact that there are people who still believe in all manner of imaginary things, to the extent that they are willing to commit murder to support their beliefs.

Another severely disturbing facet of the story is that the SAPS have seen fit to lend credence to the story by adopting a matter of fact acceptance of the circumstances of the case.  Seeing the Police Alleging that this type of mentality is normal for this area, indicating beyond any doubt, that they too buy into this practice, and believe in it, and probably on occasion make use of witch craft to try to advance their own careers, makes shudder as to the approach they take to law enforcement. 

  I suppose I should not be so shocked when surrounded by so much evidence to support local beliefs in witchcraft, with stories and facts abounding, of trade in body parts and gory muti murders.  The question which begs to be asked, is that why has this practice not only been tolerated but allowed to flourish, under the guise of traditional beliefs, because by no stretch of the imagination, can any of this be termed medicine? 

We have the most sophisticated constitution in the world, carefully crafted by the best minds in our society, painstakingly written to protect the weak, and to deliver justice and equality to all. Yet we have these medieval instances where we as a society appear to be powerless to act against ignorance, and to protect hardworking citizens, from ostensibly murderous neighbors, whose only reason for wanting to kill them, is that they appear to be more successful than them?

Where in all of this has our government stepped in, and conducted extensive education campaigns, to prevent willful murder of citizens through this kind of entrenched superstitious ignorance?  Is it because they too, consult with the spirits in private and practice muti customs?  Can we entrust our future and the future of our country to people who believe in and condone these practices?

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