Thursday, January 13, 2011

Becoming a minister confers god-like status on thugs

We as people are very tolerant of the fools we propel into government with our bad choices.  We have for years condoned corruption, nepotism and gangsterism under the guise of national government. We have stood by while innocent pedestrians have been mowed down party political convoys, we have stood by while motorists have had their tires shot out by gangsters in uniform, or at least in ill-fitting expensive suits, under the guise of protecting some thug who had managed to get deployed to apposition which to him dictated the use of his own personal gangsters. No doubt to protect him from other criminals in positions similar to his own, honour among thieves here being restricted solely to the metaphorical ranks.

These people who purport to support the struggle of the people, but in the same blink of an eye, unflinchingly spend millions of taxpayer funds on unwarranted, undeserved opulent hotel accommodation for months on end, and In some cases even years, based on nothing more than the thinnest of excuses, never for one moment consider the plight of the very people they are supposed to represent. Rather they treat their voters (suckers) with a contempt that borders on human rights abuse, because once they have arrived, human rights only apply to them. In their mind, they have the right to abuse every human they want to, from killing security guards, who witness indiscretions, to riding roughshod over domestic workers who object to working free of charge.

So when some old woman who was a once a convicted criminal, who commissioned the murder of several people, asks someone who was doing his job, who the fuck he thinks he is, the answer is quite simple, he, and we are the people of South Africa, who are watching you destroy our country and our Nation. Some of us may not be as educated as others, but none of us are as stupid as you think, or as easily fooled as you would to believe we are.

Time and justice cannot be stopped.

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